Promatect - H

PROMATECT-40 board

PROMATECT®-H is a non-combustible matrix engineered mineral board

reinforcedwith selected fibres and fillers. It is formulated without inorganic

fibres and does not contain formaldehyde.

PROMATECT®-H is off-white in colour and has a smooth finish on one face

with a sanded reverse face.


PROMATECT®-H can be left undecorated or easily finished with paints, wallpapers or tiles.

PROMATECT®-H is resistant to the effects of moisture and will not

physically deteriorate when used in damp or humid conditions. Performance characteristics are not degraded by age or moisture.


PROMATECT®-H is also produced as bevelled edge panels for suspended

ceilings using a concealed grid system.


A health and safety data sheet is available from the Promat Technical Department and, as with any other materials, should be read before working with the board. The board is not classified as a dangerous substance so no special provisions are required regarding the carriage and the disposal of the product to landfill. They can be placed in an on-site skip with other general building waste which should then be disposed by a registered contractor.

Product generic description    

Matrix engineered mineral board
Material class    

Non-combustible to DIN4102: Part 1,
BS476: Part 4 and AS1530: Part 1
Surface spread of flame    

Class 1 to BS476: Part 7 and 0,0,0,0 to AS1530: Part 3.
Building regulations classification    

Class 0
Nominal density at EMC* (average) kg/m³  

Alkalinity (approximately) pH  

Thermal conductivity (approximately) at 40°C (ASTM C518: 1991) W/m°K  

Coefficient of expansion m/mk  

-6.4 x 10-6
Nominal moisture content at EMC* %  

Thickness tolerance of standard boards mm  

± 0.5
Length x width tolerance of standard boards mm  

± 5
Surface condition    

Front face: smooth
Back face: dimple pattern

(mm x mm)
Number of
per pallet
Surface per
Weight per m² of sheet,
dry (approximately)
Weight per m² of sheet at
20°C, 65% RH (approximately)
Weight per pallet
9 2440 x 1220 61 181.5 8.77 9.29 1687
12 2440 x 1220 46 136.9 11.7 12.4 1697
15 2440 x 1220 36 107.1 14.6 15.5 1660
20 2440 x 1220 27 80.3 19.5 20.6 1654
25 2440 x 1220 22 65.4 24.3 25.7 1680

EMC: Equilibrium moisture content. The properties in above tables are mean values given for information and guidance only. If certain properties are critical for a particular application, it is advisable to consult your nearest Promat Technical Department.

PROMATECT®-H is manufactured under a quality management system certified in accordance with ISO9001: 2000 Certification and in accordance with the environmental standards of ISO14001. For further technical information, please consult Promat.

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