kingtec slab king

Kingtec Slab King     As a new type building board in Asian and Pacifica Ocean regions, Kingtec Slab King has broken the thickness limitation of 20mm in the line of building materials, reaches 60mm. Its main materials are portland cement, selected minerals (mica and perlite, etc), and a variety of additives. Produced through unique KTN technology and equipment. The reinforced material are non-asbestos composite fibers.

Thickness runs from 20mm to 60mm with strong bending resistance;
100% non-asbestos, complying with international environmental protection trend;
Better heat insulation capability;
Fireproof, moistureproof, wormproof, and moldproof.
Light weight, strong strength, physical and chenmical properties are stable

General Application: partition wall, suspended ceiling, furniture, cabinet, raised floor
Fireproof Construction
External Heat Insulation System
Sound Insulation Construction: cinema, conference hall, music hall, etc
Floor and Drywall
Humid Places-basement, bathroom, kitchen, etc
Tiles, wallpaper, coating are available on its surface

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Product Data: 
Density ( g/ cm3) : 0.95-1.40
Moisture Content ( % ) : ¡ Ü 10
Thermal Conductivity ( W/ m.k) : ¡ Ü 0.18
Bulking Factor ( % ) : ¡ Ü 0.20
Frost Resistance: No chapping and cracking after 25 times of freeze-thaw cycles
Combustion Performance: Class A1 incombustible material according with GB8624-1997


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